TALM – École supérieure d’art et de design


TALM Graduate school of Art and Design supervised by the French Ministry of Culture was founded in 2010 after the merging of three graduate arts schools:  Tours, Angers and Le Mans, where the name TALM was inspired from.

The school offers a wide range of training programs in arts, conservation-restoration and design, with the following specialized study tracks:

 Arts: sculpture, technical textiles

 Conservation-restoration of cultural property specialized in sculpture work

 Design: computational and mechatronics, objects, sounds, spaces

The courses are offered on undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) and  on postgraduate (master’s degree) level and are taught by artists, photographers, architects, researchers, designers, conservators-restorers and other professionals and qualified teaching staff whose pedagogical abilities are combined with multiple talents and skills.

Thanks to the schools’ broad partnerships network on regional, national and international scale, TALM allows its students to discover the diverse world of arts, contemporary design, conservation and restoration, to carry out work placements and mobility around the world and effectively prepare for the employment market. 

TALM has since its’ creation confirm its position in the higher education market in France and is focused on research in creative disciplines, on its students’ well-being and prosperity and ready to tackle tomorrow’s new challenges.



TALM Brochure

TALM brochure