ISIPCA, Ecole supérieure de la production de la mode et du luxe

ISIPCA is the leading graduate school of the Greater Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, dedicated to higher education in Business and Science in Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Flavorings. It provides French and English-taught Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Degree Programs and Summer Schools specialized in the French Art of Fragrances, Cosmetic Products and Food Flavors. It is located in Versailles and Paris. It also offers some courses in Grasse, the world cradle of Perfumery, on the French Riviera.

Degree Programs

Summer Schools 2022

MSc Scent Design & Creation

MSc in Fragrance Expertise

MSc in Cosmetic Expertise

MSc in Flavouring Expertise

Plaquette MS – EBI-ISIPCA

Plaquette MS – EBI-ISIPCA